We've taken a month to forget about Bandit's refurbishment and decided to make the most of the nice weather we've had recently in order to use the boat more. We've now been looking further into Bandit's refurbishment and have made choices and purchased bits and pieces.

We have run into an issue with the port engine where the electronic ignition within the distributor had blown so the distributor is now with a refurbishment company where they will completely overhaul it and send it back to us after testing. We don't know what caused the module to fail but we suspect I left the ignition switched on after raising the port outdrive and forgetting to turn it back off again. No matter, the distributor was due an overhaul like we had previously had done with the one from the starboard engine.

So, what have we done, decided on or purchased recently?
1 - We've decided to go ahead with the helm dashboard upgrade and are going to order a new set of dials from Faria Gauges. We've decided to go for the black face dials with a chrome bezel which will look nice on the dash. We will also fit a Faria water gauge and sender unit as we currently have no way of measuring how much water we have remaining in the tank. We will find space for this gauge on the dashboard.
2 - We've had the port engine distributor overhauled and will receive it back from the company after it's been put through testing. We will refit the distributor when it's returned back to us and will then put Bandit through a trial and see how the engines perform under load.
3 - We have ordered and had delivered a new Smev twin burner hob with folding black glass lid for the galley. We will now look into doing the galley refurbishment with new sink, worktop, cupboards, tap and locker space. More to come on that later.
4 - We have continued onwards with the white wood finish in the cabin and will finish things up when we do the galley.
5 - We are looking into getting the cabin and midships cabin upholstery changed fairly soon and will have a marine trim company come and look at our options and give us an estimate. We will also get an estimate for the carpet throughout the boat to be changed but we think we can save money and do it ourselves. We had done it in a previous boat of ours and it was surprisingly easy and the outcome was very good.
6 - We are also looking into getting some soundproofing for the twin engine bay lids in the cockpit to muffle the sound of the twin V6 engines a bit as they are quite noisy when underway on the river.

Quite a long list of jobs ahead but we look forward to getting back into the swing of things after taking time off to use the boat and enjoy the nice weather.

Making the most of the nice weather


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