Port Engine Distributor Overhaul

We've just received the port engine distributor back in the mail after it's refurbishment. The whole distributor has been sandblasted, the electronic module and internal parts have been replaced and the whole unit has been trialled and tested on another 4.3l V6 engine. The unit now works perfectly and the ignition advances smoothly and as it should.

The company that overhauled the distributor said that the electronic module had completely failed and no spark was being made, hence why the port engine failed to start. We've also concluded that me leaving the engine ignition switched on for a long amount of time (due to lifting the outdrive up to check the propellers and then getting in a couple hour conversation with a friend in the marina before switching it back off again) is very likely to have blown the electronic ignition within the distributor. Lesson learnt is all I can say.

We also asked the company to supply us with a new ignition coil for that engine as the one we've recently put on the port engine is an aftermarket part and something about it doesn't feel as reliable as a genuine coil. So, we plan to refit everything back to the port engine and get her timed up and tuned up this Saturday!


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