New Instrument Gauges - Delivery

Today we received a box from ASAP Supplies containing most of the new Faria dials for the Bandit's dashboard. The instruments we currently have are the original Volvo Penta ones which were fitted 25 years ago when the boat was built. They all seem to work perfectly fine but they are really showing their age and we felt it was time for a bit of an upgrade. We chose to go with the black face Faria gauges with a stainless steel bezel which would look far nicer on the dash compared to the black Volvo dials.

We've had every dial delivered apart from the two oil pressure gauges which are on back order and will be with us shortly. We've gone for two tachometers with a digital engine hour meter built in which means no further holes need to be cut in the dashboard to accommodate two separate engine hour gauges. We've also got two temperature gauges and two fuel gauges. We are doing away with the two volt gauges and instead will put a single volt gauge in (with a switch over rocker switch to read the voltage from both sides of the battery banks) and a water gauge for the domestic water tank. We will also need to measure the water tank and get a sender, too. We will replace the senders that are in the fuel tanks shortly so we know everything is new and will read accurately.

So, I'll begin to look at the wiring for the gauges currently and will slowly fit each new gauge over the next few days/weeks. It's the little things that make a huge difference to the boat and we think these new dials will look great.


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