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Sit Back Monday at Anchor

A couple of photos from a 'sit back Monday' on the river with friends.
We went up the river to the first lock and anchored up in front of the sluice to play around with the DJI 4 phantom drone. It was brilliant to get such an amazing and different perspective of Bandit from all different angles. It was also my first time at anchor in this boat which was very exciting. It was lovely to just sit with the engines off on the hook, far out of everyone's way, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and hot weather we had today.

Larger Upcoming Jobs

Since our purchase of Bandit, we've been making a list of some larger jobs that we eventually want doing. We're planning on just getting them over and done with before the end of the year so we need to start thinking and planning some things through. We would have done these things sooner but we've had larger priorities and investments that needed doing to the boat over the last year and a half.

The list includes:

Have a new canopy made and fittedReplacement of all the engine instrument gauges at the helm (with Faria gauges)Have the cabin reupholstered + pelmets and curtainsHave the midships cabin reupholsteredReplace all the headlining in the midships cabinReplace the old carpet in the cabin and midships cabinRefit the galley with new worktop, appliances etcHave Tek-Dek synthetic teak made up for the two steps leading to the cabinHave Tek-Dek synthetic teak laid down at the helm

Petrol Fuel Tank Cleaning

When we purchased Bandit in January 2016, we found that both the port and starboard petrol tanks contained very bad fuel that had been sat there for a good number of years. Due to this, the engines were only just in working order. They would not start and when they did finally fire, they ran awfully. We pumped all of the petrol out in February 2016 from both tanks and disposed of it before refilling both tanks with fresh petrol. Although this cured the engine starting issues, we've recently discovered lots of debris in the starboard tank only. The port tank is perfectly clear and causes us no issues.

We've spoken to a local engineering company who say that this build up of debris in the starboard tank is 'petrol varnish'. This varnish looks like little stones and flakes that cover the entire of the bottom of the tank.

Now, why is this a problem? This debris keeps getting sucked up through the fuel system and is blocking the fuel filters every time the bow of the boat r…