Here, There and Everywhere

Today has been a busy day! We started the morning by heading down the river to test out Bandit's starboard engine. We're happy to say that she got straight up on plane and hit a top speed of just over 30mph. Nothing to report apart from great engines! I mounted my GoPro action camera to the very top of the whip aerial, nearly three meters above the boat. The footage was brilliant and was very interesting to view Bandit at speed from a different angle.
A screen grab of the footage

We then made our way back up the river to Saint Ives and had some lunch in town. We moored at the quayside and sat there for a bit before moving on towards Hemingford Grey. Clearance under the footbridge as you enter Hemingford Lock from downstream was very small. A couple of inches max between the new VHF aerial bracket and the underside of the bridge. Scary stuff! Let's hope we never get caught this side of the lock or we'd be in trouble... We also saw a mother swan asleep on her nest. A very nice sign that season has finally kicked off.
Swan on her nest
Moored up at Hemingford Lock

We'll spend the night here at Hemingford Grey and make tracks back to the marina early tomorrow morning as I have to work at 10:00. Gammon, eggs and beans are on tonight's menu aboard Bandit. Not BBQ'd gammon, unfortunately as we forgot the BBQ before leaving home yesterday.


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