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Bandit's New Member

Not a lot has been happening recently but I have a couple of pictures from over the weekend where we found an unexpected new member aboard the boat while moored up in Saint Ives at the quayside. We were eating dinner down below and heard a jingle. Next thing we see is a very friendly, fluffy cat stood on the dashboard looking at us. The cat belongs to one of the riverside homes in Saint Ives and he was obviously feeling quite adventurous. He had jumped onto the boat from the quay and was snooping around. We left him to it and made sure he didn't put any of his sharp claws through our cockpit upholstery!

The Sunny April Weekend

The weekend just gone was probably the best weekend we've had this year. The temperature hit 22ºC over the weekend and the sun was out all day over the two days. Here are a couple of photos from over the weekend. We had the canopies off completely to get the most of the nice weather.
We're hoping that this weather continues as we're heading away on Thursday on Bandit for a five-day adventure. More to come on that.

Bandit's Big Refit - Part 12: Continuing Onwards

Today we've been busy lining the first few bulkheads in the white wood that we'd selected for the refit of Bandit. We had already purchased and fitted the doors in this wood but waited for a while to purchase the separate veneer for the bulkheads until we were sure we liked the look of it.

We ordered a 1.5m(L) by 3m(H) roll of this white wood veneer and started to complete a few of the areas inside the cabin. Overall, we got three bits of the bulkheads done today and we're very happy with how it looks so far. It's already starting to brighten up the interior or the boat and it just feels so much fresher and modern compared to the darker oak.

We'll continue onwards with the task until all the bulkheads are complete. We are also playing with the idea of having synthetic teak laid down on the cabin stairs leading from the cockpit as we'll need to remove these to gain access to the full length of the bulkheads. The steps themselves are in alright condition but we t…

Spotted Boating!

This morning we were captured again by our friends on Amber Louise as we make our way back to the marina.

Nice to see the boat from another perspective!

Here, There and Everywhere

Today has been a busy day! We started the morning by heading down the river to test out Bandit's starboard engine. We're happy to say that she got straight up on plane and hit a top speed of just over 30mph. Nothing to report apart from great engines! I mounted my GoPro action camera to the very top of the whip aerial, nearly three meters above the boat. The footage was brilliant and was very interesting to view Bandit at speed from a different angle.

We then made our way back up the river to Saint Ives and had some lunch in town. We moored at the quayside and sat there for a bit before moving on towards Hemingford Grey. Clearance under the footbridge as you enter Hemingford Lock from downstream was very small. A couple of inches max between the new VHF aerial bracket and the underside of the bridge. Scary stuff! Let's hope we never get caught this side of the lock or we'd be in trouble... We also saw a mother swan asleep on her nest. A very nice sign that season has f…