Tinkering and Cruising

This evening we went for a cruise up the river and back to the marina as the weather was decent and the river had stopped flowing as quickly as it had been over the last few weeks. However, we had been having problems with the starboard side engine where the RPM's would drop if you put the throttles down, almost as if the engine was either over choking or was not getting enough fuel. We headed back to the marina and I tinkered with the Rochester Quadrajet carburettor by fiddling with the two idle mixture screws until the RMP's of the engine reached their highest. This is how we knew the idle mixture was set correctly as the engine was running the best that it could through this adjustment.

However, when taking her up the river a little way to test this new adjustment, we noticed that the engine is emitting a stronger exhaust smell and it did set off the carbon monoxide alarm. Not good. So, we have a physically better running engine but it smells stronger of exhaust. I'm going to head to the marina tomorrow and look at the ignition side of things as it appears the engine is not burning the petrol as it should be. We've had it before where the Sierra HT leads had not clipped onto either the distributor cap or the plugs properly and was not making a good connection, hence affecting the spark of the plug. For the record, we hate these Sierra HT leads. We renewed all 12 leads (port & starboard engines) when we were overhauling them and they've been nothing but trouble. Not only that but they were damn expensive. It's fair to say that we won't be getting them again. We'll find another 'brand', as it were, to replace them shortly. It's either that or the NGK plugs which we've heard mixed reviews about. Some love them, some hate them. We might splash out for some genuine Volvo Penta plugs instead. Anything to fix this problem as, quite frankly, it's driving us mad.

But anyway, on the bright side, we've had a nice cruise up the river which is something we've not done for quite a few weeks/months due to bad weather and river conditions. We did also knock our new 2.7m VHF antenna as we entered the marina through the road bridge which isn't great. The first outing with the new aerial and I nearly snap it off. Remembering to lower it for every bright will take some getting used to! The weather is improving greatly and the nights are getting noticeably longer which is very nice to see. The boating season is in sight!

Cruising upriver
Saint Ives bridge


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