Throughout the Years...

For myself, boating started at the age of about ten years old when my family purchased our first boat - a 2005 Shetland Family 4 called Kerri Kerri powered by a Honda 25hp outboard engine. This boat had an overall length of 17 feet so we started out quite small. We used the boat some weekends and instantly fell in love with the river and boats. Kerri Kerri meant quite a bit to me as it was the boat that Dad taught me to drive independently.
Our Shetland Family 4
'Kerri Kerri'

After a few months of using our Family 4, we upgraded to a 2008 Shetland 2250 that was initially powered by a knackered 25hp Yamaha outboard engine. We had the engine replaced by the marina for a new 40hp Honda outboard as the Yamaha was completely tired and needed a lot of work done to it. This 2250 had a total length of 22ft 8" so this was quite an upgrade to our Family 4. We were happier with the layout and me and Dad did occasionally spend some night on her at the weekend. I slept in the V-berth below and Dad in the cockpit. Becuase of the fact that I was the one to drive the boat every time, we decided to name the 2250 ' Cap'n Jack'.
Our Shetland 2250
'Cap'n Jack'

After falling further in love with boating and the river, we came across a stunningly refurbished 1979 Fairline Mirage 29 river cruiser with twin 125hp Volvo Penta AQ140A petrol engines. This beautiful Fairline Mirage was called Bliss - a perfect name that reflects boating and the river brilliantly! One evening, we took a look aboard this Fairline and knew from that second that this was the boat upgrade we never knew we wanted. The boat was beautifully refurbished and every square centimetre of her was finished so professionally. Later that week, we sent in a deposit and purchased her. We did many, many things to Bliss including installing a bow thruster, interior work, engine work, cockpit refurbishment, new canopies and far more. We purchased her in October of 2010 and kept her until late 2016. Six happy years which we will never forget. 
Our Fairline Mirage 29

Then comes our current boat, Bandit. A 1991 Sealine 290 Ambassador sports cruiser with twin 205hp V6 431 petrol Volvo Penta engines. We parted with our beloved Fairline due to the fact that we felt it was time for a change. The cockpit wasn't brilliantly designed for our needs and the engines were a bit restricting for the adventures we wanted to have on the water. We knew we wanted a Sealine 290A but it was just a case of finding one. In the beginning, we wanted a diesel 290 and convinced ourselves to simply walk away from any petrol engined boats. But after viewing Bandit and seeing what great condition she was in, inside and out, we chose her over another diesel 290 we had previously viewed due to its condition. It was a shame but we felt like condition was far more important than what fuel powered the boat and these were the only two boats of this type for sale at this point in time. We had a buyer lined up for Bliss and we didn't want to hang around for another 290 to appear as they didn't look too common online. As it happens, no other 290's were listed for sale for another few months so we feel that we made a good decision.
Our current Sealine 290 Ambassador


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