Refurbishing the Teak Cockpit Table

The table that we have in Bandit's cockpit is not the original one that came with the boat. Someone along the line had removed that and replaced it with a new teak folding table which actually works far better. The cable is a lot smaller than the original but can be unfolded into a larger square table for eating on. 

When we purchased the boat, we did rub the table down but didn't do anything to it because we didn't know what to use. Over the weekend, Dad rubbed it down and put a couple of coats of teak oil onto it. I quite liked the colour it was without any oil and it's gone a lot darker since applying the teak oil. I was quite surprised to see how nice it turned out. I'm really happy with the outcome and it looks a lot neater and smarter.

The oil does look a bit patchy so we'll see how it fares over the season and might do it again to get a better outcome. In the meantime, though, it's another little job completed that makes a huge difference to the appearance of the boat!



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