New Name Decals - Stern

Following on from a previous post about wanting to update Bandit's name decals on the bow and stern, I measured up a decal for the rear and purchased it from 'Funky Monkey Boat Names'. I only purchased one for the stern as it was smaller and cheaper so I wasn't really losing anything if we decided it didn't look right.

We ended up going for chrome lettering in the font 'Arial'. We were inspired by some decals in this exact style that we saw on the Haines 26 at London Boat Show earlier this year. It looked far more modern and smarter than the decals we currently have so we thought we'd give it a shot. If this fails, we'll simply stick with the name decals we have and decide what to do from there.

The box containing the new decal was delivered to the house and it looks great. Very excited to get them on and see what it looks like!

Applying the decals was very easy. We knew where we wanted the decal as in the correct light, you can see the name 'Vitamin Sea' where the last decals had once been. It was then a case of cleaning the area with some acetone to remove any dirt that would stop the decals sticking. Then we lined the decals up to ensure we knew where we wanted them, pulled off the rear paper and stuck them on.

So, do we like them? In short, yes. We really like the chrome lettering and the font we selected. It gives a modern look to the boat and, to our surprise, the chrome shows up really well on the white gelcoat of the boat. We will look into getting some decals for the bow (port and starboard side) now to match the rear!

Happy days :D

Stern name decal - port side


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