More Changes to the VHF

When we purchased Bandit, we bought a new Lowrance Link-5 VHF DSC radio to mount to the dashboard. With that radio, we also purchased a new 1.5m Banten VHF antenna and mount. A couple of weeks ago (and about one year after getting Bandit), we changed the 1.5m VHF antenna for a 2.7m one which was far better suited for the boat height wise.

After spending a couple of weeks with the new 2.7m antenna, we've realised that due to its extra length, we have to fold it down further to clear bridges. The antenna now folds down far lower and makes it so we can't get out the starboard side canopy of the boat.

We decided to change the position of the VHF antenna and mount to give ourselves access through the starboard side canopy when we need the antenna down. We've purchased a new stainless steel mount (as the plastic one was struggling to hold the weight of the heavier 2.7m antenna) and moved it to the very top of the boat on her radar arch. Not only does this add further height to the antenna but it now means it can be folded down without affecting us getting on or off the boat. To add to that, it looks far better on the radar arch in my view... Also to note was the fact that we had to cut away part of the canopy so the antenna could poke through and that we were able to lower it enough. We're not too bothered about the look of the canopy modification as a new canopy is on our to-do list for this year.

For now, we'll leave the old plastic mount on the side of the boat but we will get the marina to professionally fill in the holes and re-gelcoat the area, coloured to match slight yellowing to the gelcoat of the arch at a later point.

The stainless steel antenna base was £29.95 and the bolts/washers/nyloc nuts came to about five quid.

Canopy modifications
Folded down (plus a very dirty canopy in need of a good clean!)
Folded down


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