First Day of Spring!

A huge welcome to Spring 2017! This, for us, is when the boating season really kicks off and when the weather (hopefully) begins to improve for the year.

We moved Bandit round to another mooring this afternoon as the boats in the marina are due to be relaunched for the season tomorrow. We wanted to move her ourselves to save the marina time and so we know where she is. It also means that we have a chance to find a nice mooring.

Dad fiddled with the engine again today and replaced all six spark plugs for new NGK ones. Following on from some engine issues we've experienced over the past couple of weeks, we're happy to say it looks like we've sorted them once again. We will renew the Sierra leads for some better ones as the lead doesn't seem to be clicking onto the spark plugs correctly. It's just a bad design and our mechanic at the marina agreed. We took her for a blast up the river and the revs stayed consistent and the boat would have easily got onto the plane although we couldn't due to depth. Sorry to let you down, Bandit. Maybe next time :)


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