Exploring New Places

It's strange to think that in the entire year and a bit that we've had Bandit, we've never been through the lock just a couple of miles upstream from our marina. We used to go through that lock (called Hemingford Lock) almost every weekend in our previous boat as it takes you to a really pretty and quiet part of the river which is perfect for overnight stopping.

We've just not really ventured out very far in Bandit over the year so we thought it was about time to explore some new territory. I finished work at the marina at 17:30 and we had plenty of time and light to get up to Hemingford to moor up for the night.

We travelled up with the sun setting above the river straight ahead of us. Although it was a nice thing to watch, it made concentrating on the river quite hard. We moored up and watched the sun go down. We currently wait for our dinner to cook in our new Smev oven! Happy days!

A couple of inches clearence under Hemingford Lock
Sunset on the church
Moored up in Hemingford

Fantastic sunset


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