Bandit's Big Refit - Part 11: Fixing Rough Edges

Last November, we purchased and fitted a brand new Waeco CRX50 12v fridge to Bandit. We also changed the location of the fridge so we could get a slight better one in one of the cupboard spaces. We simply swapped over the locations of where the fridge used to be and the cupboard.

Because of this change, we had to cut the hole bigger so the fridge would fit. This left some rough edges of wood that weren't too straight and that was beginning to bother us. We've finally found an ideal way to finish the fridge in a way that suits the silver colour of the Waeco fridges. We've got some 90ยบ aluminium from a DIY store in town and have polished it up to a nice shiny finish and glued it onto the wood that was cut a bit wonky.

This shiny aluminium suits the fridge really well and looks great. It fixes the wonky wood issue and gives a clean, straight finish where the aluminium pieces fit together perfectly. It almost looks identical to the flush-mount kit that you can purchase from Waeco so it doesn't look out of place or 'homemade'. A job well done!


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