A Busy Week Ahead

Following up on the previous post regarding our new engine issue, we've recieved some helpful information.

The problem itself is that as the starboard engine reaches about 2000rmp, the revs will suddenly drop and the engine will begin to stutter, almost as if it's not getting enough petrol. We had thought that it might have been the igniton side of the engine so we fiddled with everything yesterday, replacing some plugs and leads to find no difference whatsoever.

We phoned a local engineering company today who gave us some helpful information. Without swinging their vote, we explained the situation and they suggested it was a fuel issue. We are quite on the fence about what's causing this issue but we have checked the ignition side of things so it is likely to be a fuel problem.

This time last year, we drained the two 250l fuel tanks as we had engine problems from the day we purchased Bandit. The petrol was old and had gone off. It was also contaminated with quite a bit of water. The port tank was clear of debris but what we found in the starboard tank was very different... We found lots of sand-like debris which we still haven't been able to figure out where it came from or what it actually is. We also found a lot of green sludge - most of which we removed from the tank but left quite a bit as we expected the fuel filters to pick it up.
The 'green sludge' that we found in late April 2016 while draining the starboard petrol tank

We expect that this green sludge has caused a blockage somewhere along the fuel system for the starboard engine. This problem actually started as we took Bandit up to 30knots when we went to Ely in October. We think that the bow rising upwards sloshed the petrol and green sludge to the rear of the tank and was sucked up through the pickup tube where it's got clogged somewhere. So, we need to check the petrol pump for clogs, replace the two fuel filters for that engine and then check the pickup tube in the tank and properly clean out the fuel tank so this problem doesn't happen again.

We hope to do this throughout this week. Another large task ahead of us...


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