Weather Forecast - Storm Doris

According to the local weather forecast, we're expected to see wind speeds up to 60mph within the next couple of days. Since we won't be visiting Bandit until the weekend, I came straight from college to ensure she was completely safe in her mooring and tied up really well. We usually slip the ropes once through the mooring rings on the pontoon and then tie if off at the cleats with a couple of turns at the stern and bow of the boat.

I've now tied the ropes up securely, made them off to the cleats several times, made sure the canopy was fully fastened down to the boat so it doesn't get damaged and then lowered the fenders slightly to ensure they don't ride up onto the pontoon as she's blown around, exposing Bandit's hull to the pontoon itself and screws holding it together. When you think about it like that, a lot of damage can be done by the wind where fenders have rolled up and the boat is left rubbing up against the mooring continuously for hours after hours.

It's quite scary looking around the marina to see how loosely and carelessly people tie their boats up. I didn't want to re-tie any boats (although I really wanted to) as I could then be accused of wrongly tieing the boat should anything happen to it during the strong winds. It's best to leave it all alone.

Stern rope securely made off to the cleat
Bow rope securely made off to the cleat
Ready for the winds!


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