Pre Boating Season Checks

The 2017 boating season is very much in sight now! For us in the marina, the boating season really kicks off when the boats are re-launched after their 4 month period of being on the hard. This relaunch usually takes place mid-March so we're starting to do our pre-season checks for Bandit.

What is on our 2017 pre-season checklist then?

  • Tune up both engines while referring to engine manual for details (spark plug gaps, carb adjustments etc)
  • Check oil condition and oil levels in both engines & top up as necessary
  • Replace impellers on both engines
  • Check belts on both engines for wear
  • Check our 'spares box' and replace any items that we're missing (impellers, spark plugs, belts, hose clamps, filters etc)
  • Check coolant levels & antifreeze levels in starboard engine (our only engine with a heat exchanger)
  • Check hydraulic fluid in outdrive trim reservoirs and top up
  • Check hydraulic steering fluid and top up
  • Check condition of all four 12v batteries
  • Replace fuel filters
  • Fill petrol tanks and add fuel conditioning products to both tanks (filling the tanks helps dilute any petrol that's been sat over winter with fresh petrol and adding fuel conditioner helps restore its performance and 'shelf life').
  • Check all engine instrumentation is working as it should be
  • When we can, we usually give the engines a blast to ensure everything is okay before heading any distance during the season
Cleaning the starboard carb and tuning the engines up

Anchor Windlass
  • Remove and regrease anchor windlass motor, also checking its condition
  • Renew old solenoids for new type
  • Remove all parts and regrease (drum, gipsy chain, motor, clutch etc)
  • Renew chain markers every 5 meters on the chain - with different coloured cable ties
  • Rince out fresh water tank (2-3 times) and add purification tablets
  • Check safety equipment
  • Clean canopy internally and externally
  • Check each bilge pump for manual and automatic operation
  • Remove upholstery & curtains from cabins and clean
  • Remove and wash bedding
  • Clean and oil the teak table
  • Clean the Tek-Dek synthetic teak flooring in cockpit and on bathing platform ready for the new season
  • Clean boat and polish!

Bandit has just been out the water for over a month and has been re-antifouled, had the hydraulics on the starboard outdrive renewed, had both drives refilled with fresh oil, had the propellers from both drives re-manufactured and had a Side Power bow thruster installed. We also buffed up the hull and transom so she'll remain shiny until she is next out.


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