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Smev FO311 Oven and Grill Review

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

We've had the cooker for just over a week and have been using it non-stop! In short, we've more than happy with the cooker but there are a few little things that we wish were better.

First, the good stuff! The new cooker gives such a modern and updated look to the galley which is just what we hoped for. The cooker is overall more compact and flush-fit than the original Rose cooker that we've removed. We love that the cooker is flat against the bulkhead which actually makes the galley look bigger. We also really like the mirrored stainless steel effect which looks modern and crisp. There is a nice lamp inside the cooker which, although seems to be a bit silly, it really does work very well and is just a nice feature to have. It's nice to see the cooker glowing in the evenings and, of corse, enables you to see the food inside without opening the door with a torch in hand. Lastly, we love that this cooker has electric ignition...we really love it! The last Rose cooker did not and we had to dive into the oven with a match or a lighter. Not only was this inconvenient but it wasn't easy and we found ourselves burning our hands a lot.

Now the things that we wish were better. For one, you cannot have both the grill and oven on at once. We do miss this feature from the old Rose cooker. We had gammon steaks for dinner the other night and found that we could not grill the gammon and cook the chips in the normal oven at once. Next is the fact that the grill is not as good as the previous one in the Rose oven. The old one cooker whatever you put under the grill very quickly and this new Smev cooker just seems to be a little less powerful in this area. It's just something that we're going to have to get used to so it's not a large issue. These minor inconviniences aren't anything that would stop us recomending this cooker to someone else at all, it's just things that we've realised over the time we've had the cooker.

Our Smev oven also has the rotisery feature where you can spit roast a chicken or similar. To be honest, we didn't actually realise this was a feature until we saw the one extra button on the facia of the cooker and read up on it. We don't plan to use this feature but you never know...it might come in handy if ever we crave a spit roast!


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