Bandit's Lofrans Windlass - Motor and Solenoids

To continue with Bandit's windlass overhaul, we spent today removing the windlass motor and twin solenoids. Both were badly corroded externally so we wanted to remove them to make sure they were okay internally or to replace bits.

First was to remove the motor which to our surprise was in good condition internally. The brushes were in good order and nothing was rusty or worn. It was just the exterior casing that was a bit rusty but we rubbed that back using some sand paper to get it back to a better condition. So, with the motor good, I reassembled it to the gear housing making sure the drive clip was aligned correctly and plenty of marine water resistant grease was spread around the shaft and gearbox. Before reassembling the motor, I added new cables and new terminals as the old weren't looking too great.
500W 12v Lofrans Airon motor + new wiring

Next I removed the 25 year old twin solenoids. They were both very badly corroded and didn't look as if they'd last much longer at all. After quickly coming to the conclusion that they were in need of replacement, I hit the internet and ordered a newer style single 'black box' type unit. They've far more reliable, easier to wire up and take up less room. Plus they're far cheaper than the Lofrans twin solenoid replacements. We've paid £40 (inc postage) for the new box type whereas the Lofrans twin units are £110. They should hopefully be here shortly and I can connect it all back up to the motor and switches.
Old Lofrans solenoids in need of replacement

The last job on the windlass refurbishment list is:
To replace the faulty 50amp breaker from the windlass motor as we have currently got it wired through a ouse which is not ideal (cost: £60)
Faulty E-T-A 50amp windlass breaker


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