Bandit's Big Refit - Part 9: Delivery of Handles

Today our new chrome door handles were delivered from Timage.

First impressions were amazing. The handles look beautiful and the quality is outstanding. We are very happy that we selected the handles with the rubber insert as they give the handles some shape and detailing compared to the standard chrome choice. The handles themselves are heavy and feel like a good quality product. The handle roses are also heavy and feature a soft sprung fitting inside to make using the handles feel nice and makes them work nicely with the Timage door latch. The handles were about £50 per set and we've got a pair for each of the three main doors in the boat (heads door, cabin door and ensuite door). A bit of a pricey purchase but they will definitely look great on the doors and will maintain the quality feel of the boat throughout.

We have one main door fitted with the original brass handles temporarily fitted so we were still able to use the door. We can finally remove them and reinstall these new ones this weekend! A very exciting task and I'm very much looking forward to it!

Overall, very happy with the purchase and they'll compliment the quality of the Sealine boat, the white wood interior and the modern twist we're giving to Bandit. It's a slow process but these things need planning and executing to a high standard otherwise it's all a complete waste of time. These handles alone took us months to choose but we knew we wanted to use door furniture from Timage.

We're looking at more of their products for the boat but more on that as we continue Bandit's Big Refit! As ever, more as it happens...

What's in the box
Nice size handles with a nice rubber insert

The rose and sprung fitting


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