Bandit's Big Refit - Part 7: New Cooker In and Working!

Today we've finally fitted our new cooker that we purchased in early October 2016. It's been sat at home in the garage and we've finally decided to bite the bullet and install it to the galley in Bandit.

We got to the boat early this morning set about removing the old Rose oven and grill cooker that was fitted to Bandit back in 1991 by Sealine. The cooker was not too hard to remove at all. It unscrewed and came out a fair way before we realised that you had to remove the copper gas line from the cooker in the grill compartment. It then came straight out and we walked it over to the skip. It seemed a shame as this cooker was functioning perfectly fine but just looked so old fashioned.

We then got the new Smev cooker into the galley and measured out the existing hole from where we had just removed the old cooker. It was slightly too small so we cut it bigger. We removed 10mm from each side which was enough to get the new oven in.

We then pushed it in, propped up the back using some wood to hold the weight and screwed it onto the bulkhead so we could mark out the location for the shelf that we needed to construct for the cooker to sit on safely. After the marks were on the bulkheads, we removed the cooker again.

Then we constructed the shelf which would take the cooker's weight. We created it with some wood we had at home and used it to construct the beams to hold the cooker and the supports which we screwed to the bulkhead. With that done, it was then time to wire it up to the 12v system in the boat and reconnect the gas line. We then screwed it in for the final time and tested it.

Amazingly, it all worked perfectly and looks fantastic in the galley. It really modernises the cabin so much which is great. The last Rose cooker was very 90's and dated the boat terribly. Where this cooker is smaller in length, we're left with a rather large gap underneath currently but we will put a drawer in there to store pots and pans etc. This space is quite large so it would be a waste to just blank it off.

Preparing the cooker at home
Fitted and working!!
Nice and shiny!


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