Bandit's Big Refit - Part 10: Remaining Doors and Handles Fitted

We got to the boat about midday today and set about fitting the last two large doors and the new Timage door handles that arrived yesterday.

It was surprisingly easy to fit the two remaining doors. We had them all cut perfectly to size by an online door company so all we had to do was fit the hinges, door latches and handles. We used the old oak doors to take a template for the location for the hinges and then fitted them to the boat. It only took us a couple of hours to fit both doors and to get the handles on. The ensuite door was slightly harder as we had to make a plate for the Timage door latch to sit on so it would lock into the striker plate. We ended up using some thin white plastic that we keep onboard for bits and pieces such as this.

The doors are on, the latches work and the handles were fitted and look fantastic. We are really happy with the outcome so far. We've also refitted the magazine rack, sprung coat hangers and other door hardware back to the new doors. Next on the list is to fit the last two cupboard doors in the midships cabin and we can then begin lining the bulkheads with the white wood to finish it off. That's going to be the hardest part as everything has to come down (ceiling panels and fittings etc) so we can cover the entire panel and not just the bits you might see. We're determined to do this properly and not skip corners. We also need to look for some replacement stainless steel or chrome striker plates for the door latches as the ones provided are too big and we don't really want to keep the scratched original brass ones. More searching to be done online...

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Door handle and sprung coat hangers fitted on ensuite door


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