The Bow Thruster Project - Part 20: Bandit's Last Day on Land

We've been on the phone to the boatyard today and we're happy to say that Bandit is finally all put back together and is ready to be relaunched! I plan to head to the yard early tomorrow morning to do a couple of last jobs. I have to install the propellers on the starboard outdrive and the mechanic will show me how to bleed & prime the hydraulics for the drive where we've had the hoses replaced. Luckily the pump is self-bleeding & self-priming so it's all very easy.

The mechanics at Jones Boatyard has been very busy over the last few days with Bandit and we're so grateful for their hard work. I went down yesterday to find that an incorrect hose kit had been delivered to the yard and did not fit our type of rams. Unfortunate but the yard did their absolute best and managed to steal the last hose kit from KeyParts and had it delivered under 24 hours which was absolutely fantastic. So he refitted that today, reconnected the new gear shift cable and reattached the starboard outdrive to the boat. They did mention that they spent a good hour or two trying to derust the pipe that the gear shift cable goes to the transom through as it had compleyly corroded and they were not able to get the new cable through. The mechanic also had to disassemble parts of the hydraulic steering system in order to gain access to the bottom hose that came through the transom shield.

So Bandit is all back together, antifouled, cleaned, polished and with her new Side Power SE40/125S bow thruster! I'll get the props back on tomorrow morning and then help relaunch the boat, checking for any leaks from the bow thruster and speed transucer. Hopefully everything goes well but she's just a button away from being on land should anything go wrong. She's in good hands and we very much look forward to getting her back in the water where we can use here again! It's been a very long month and a half...

Trying to access the hoses from inside the engine bay
Photo taken yesterday
The two holes in the transom shield where the hydraulic hoses enter the boat
Photo taken yesterday


  1. New Volvo Penta hydraulic hoses (X2) fitted to rams on starboard outdrive (by Jones Boatyard)
  2. Gear shift cable tube had all corrosion removed to make way for cable (by Jones Boatyard)
  3. New gear shift cable linked up to drive (by Jones Boatyard)
  4. Starboard outdrive refitted to the boat (by Jones Boatyard)
  5. Hydraulics left for us to bleed


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