The Bow Thruster Project - Part 17: Outdrive Removal

I got to the boat this afternoon to find that the boatyard had removed Bandit's starboard Volvo 290DP drive. I was able to have a look around and everything looks in good order, apart from the hydraulic hoses that are being replaced and the gear shift seals. Furthermore, the yard said that the gear shift seals were leaking because they were not fitted properly the last time they were replaced.

Port outdrive gear shift mechanism and oil seal
So, good news is that the bellows look in good order so we will replace them in the summer instead when Bandit is out for a couple of weeks again. The mechanic came over and I went with him to the workshop to have a look at the drive. It was good to see the drive apart to see how it works. It was really interesting to have a little lesson about how it all as I know very little about the drive mechanics.

And the bad news... Our gear shift cable is knackered. It's split badly and will only corrode and seize up. So, we will need to replace it while the drive is off now. Another unexpected £60 (plus further ££ if we have the cable fitted instead of doing it ourselves). Not good but needs doing. After further inspection, it appears that the cable is original. 
Knackered gear shift cable

Other than that, we're happy that the drive looks in good order. The transom shield looks good too, apart from a lot of salt-water growth covering every inch of the shield and rear of the drive. There's not much we can do apart from trying to get something in there to scrape as much of the growth off as we possibly can. The drive bits would usually be acid-dipped to get rid of any growth like this but that is not included in what we're having done to the drive sadly. No matter, it doesn't effect the boat but it just looks horrible.
Sea water growth inside the transom shield + leaking hydraulic hoses
In other news, our forward propellers from both the port and starboard drives have returned to the boatyard after being refurbished! They're as good as new and look nice as they've been blasted back and painted in gloss black. We need to spray the two aft propellers and clean & grease the prop shafts and we can get them back on...after the starboard drive is refitted, of course.
Shiny refurbished forward propellers! :D


  1. Starboard Volvo Penta 290DP outdrive removed by Jones Boatyard
  2. Starboard side gear shift cable found to be in very bad condition - needs replacing
  3. Refurbished propellers returned to the boatyard - ready to install!
  4. Begun removing the old gear shift cable


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