I woke up this morning and looked out the window to a partially snow-covered drive. This is the first snowfall we've had this year. This time last year we had Bandit and there was no snow at all that year. In fact, one year ago today marks the day Bandit was transported form Chichester to Cambridge after we purchased her. It was a chilly day but we had no rain and no snow. A good thing, too as Bandit had to be completely 'naked' for her travel back, meaning all the canopies, fenders, flags and aerials had to be removed so she fit under bridges and wasn't damaged on her way home. 

The walk to the bus stop about 20 minutes away from our home was horrible. The wind is quite strong this morning so it made for an unpleasant walk. The bus driver doesn't seem bothered about the snow on the road, however. She's happily bombing along as per usual. A little nerve-racking to say the least...

I logged onto the marina webcam this morning to find a slightly wet boatyard. There is no sign of snow so this either means that it's missed Saint Ives completely, the snow just never set on the ground or they have a lot of snow coming their way.

We're hoping that the snow keeps off for the weekend so we can get some further jobs done to the exterior of Bandit.

Walking to the bus stop
No snow in the boatyard this morning...
Bandit's stern and canopy can be seen to the very right on the slip way


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