Hoping for an Adventure

I've done some research and found a couple of nice places that we could plan to visit this year if we get Bandit out to The Wash like we plan. For our first outing, we're hoping to head out with some more experienced people as sea boating is not something I've done before and it's been a while since Dad has done it. There's a first time for anything and I want to learn more about the ocean so we can get Bandit out there whenever we feel like it without having to rely on others for help. Not that there's a problem with that but I'd love to get out there more.

The three places that look popular among boaters from our part of the river seem to be Brancaster Bay, Holkham Bay and the ever talked about Wells-Next-the-Sea. All three places look like a great spot for anchoring - another thing I am really looking forward to. The dream of anchoring up in your own little bay somewhere at sea is just something I would absolutely love to do. I've seen many others who have anchored in the bays and used their tenders to get to land where you have a BBQ on the beach, looking out over the ocean and your boat anchored up.

We've been boating on the River Great Ouse since 2010 when I was only 11 years old. Within a year, I had learnt everything there was about driving a 30 foot Fairline. Although the river is beautiful in its own way, I'm ready for a new adventure. Why wait?

Places to visit:
- Brancaster Bay
- Holkham Bay
- Wells-Next-the-Sea

Starting our go-to list!


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