Bandit's Lofrans Windlass - Up and Running

I've been to the boat after college today to reassemble the windlass clutch, chain gipsy and drum after removing it from the spindle as it was very badly corroded and could not be removed or released manually. There was no sign of any grease at all when I was able to free everything up and remove it using a large puller which explains the bad corrosion.

I spent a good hour last night removing all the thick corrosion from the warp drum which had held it solid to the spindle for many years. We then soaked the oxidised brass chain gipsy in a vinegar and salt solution to try and clean it up a bit. This worked a treat but the gipsy is not a red-ish colour. Not a problem but it didn't really achieve much. So this afternoon I reassembled everything using plenty of water-resistant marine grease to ensure no corrosion would take place again anytime soon.

I'm happy to report that everything works perfectly and we are now able to easily let out the anchor rode manually should we ever need to. Come to think of it, it's probably easier to release the rode using the manual clutch as you can get 10 meters of chain out in a blink of an eye compared to lowering the anchor using the slower electric motor. It depends on the sea condition as getting to the bow might be dangerous. Hence why Sealine put switches to operate the windlass electrically at the helm, I imagine.

What's next on the list for the Windlass Overhaul, then?
1)  Remove the old style Lofrans twin solenoids and replace them with a newer 'box type' unit for improved reliability. (cost: £40)
2)  Replace the faulty 50amp breaker for the windlass motor as we have currently got it wired through a fuse which is not ideal. (cost: £60)
3)  Remove the motor itself and refurbish it as required. This includes replacing anything that needs replacing and re-greasing the components as Bandit's windlass clearly hasn't been touched for a very long time. (cost: will find out when we remove the motor)


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