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It's so nice to finally have Bandit back in the water where we can come down during the week and enjoy her. I can down straight after college today to come and sit aboard and relax for a bit. I ended up doing a couple of jobs instead but it's always nice being aboard, no matter what you're doing.

I got to the boat and ran the engines for a good 10-15 minutes. I let them warm up and left them running at 2000rmp to let the engines move for a bit. They both started fantastically but there was a bit of smoke from the port engine. It soon disappeared so I imagine it was just where she's not been running for a good month and a half. We'll keep an eye on it and hope that it doesn't remain to smoke. It's not a real problem but it's nicer to have a nice running engine.

I have done a couple of jobs today between relaxing. It's been a fantastic winters day. Not too chilly with clear blue skies and sun.

Not that it's an important feature in winter but I've fitted two canopy locking pin tethers to the canopy frame fitting on the hand rail in the cockpit. We lost several last year when removing the canopy so now it'll always be attached to the boat. It's not a huge change but it will save us bother as we've lost the pins while away from the marina and had to bodge the canopy up for the night which wasn't ideal.

I'm not sat down below with the Eberspacher heater going as the outside temperature is dramatically dropping now that the sun has gone down. I also wanted to come down this evening to look at the new blue LED lights that I fitted while Bandit was on land. They look fantastic. Very happy with them!!

Very much looking forward to this weekend where we can hopefully use the boat, depending on the river levels, flow etc. This weekend just gone was a bit of a wipe out as we spent most of Saturday cleaning after Bandit's relaunch and I was working on Sunday. Fingers crossed :)


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