An Interesting Day at the Marina

We heard news at about 1400 this afternoon while I was at work that an attempted murder had been committed in St Ives, just a couple of minutes walk from the marina. Shortly after this news, a man was dragged from the water, after running from the police and jumping off the road bridge over the River Great Ouse, just beside the marina's entrance. The man was escorted across the marina, past the chandlery windows and to the yard entrance and searched. This area on the marina's property later became a scene of crime and the forensics were called in to do their thing. We had many phone calls from news companies and the press to ask us questions about what we knew. We knew very little and was not told any further information from the police. The forensics were still there as we left the marina at 1730 so we await to hear further information. My details were taken by the police so I can only guess they'll contact me, or any of the other people who were working at the marina today, if they need further information. Overall a very interesting day.

An article on the Cambridge News website can be read here: [link]

Apart from that, Dad was busy painting the outdrives with International Trilux paint in the colour Penta Grey. We had just under a tin left from when we last painted the drives on our previous boat. Thankfully this tin covered Bandit's drives and I will touch in the last couple of bits after college tomorrow.

Bandit has been pulled further up the slipway so the marina mechanic can get to the drives to do some work. We have heard back from the mechanic regarding our leaky hydraulic hose going from the starboard right-hand side hydraulic trim cylinder and he has said he cannot do the work without removing the drive. Not because it can't be done with the drive on but because it's too hard for him. He has quoted a lot of money to remove the drive and replace the hoses so we might do it in summer when we had originally planned to replace the bellows. We need to check out insurance quote for the damaged drive and propellers (the whole reason why we're out the water anyway) as we recall them quoting for the drive to be removed for oil seal replacement and pressure testing. If this is the case then he will need to remove the drive anyway. This would leave us with a smaller bill of just £150 for the hydraulic hose set. So we're still uncertain about what will happen but should find out shortly.


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