13th January 2016

Today marks one year after Bandit was transported from Chichester Marina to her new home in Cambridgeshire on the River Great Ouse.

It was a truly fantastic day but also quite a sad one just knowing that we were removing Bandit from a place she had been for years. It almost didn't feel right to move her from the sea where she belongs to a river limited to 7 knots.

The transport itself was both exciting and nerve-racking. Exciting because we were finally getting our newly purchased Sealine back home but nerve-racking to see our huge investment on the back of a lorry doing 50mph on the motorways. We had planned to follow Bandit and the lorry back to St Ives but soon overtook and made our way back as we needed to get things ready for her arrival. We needed a new set of magnesium anodes to replace the salt water zincs and we also needed to ensure there was still a space on the pontoon alongside our previous boat to park her when she got there.

After 120 miles and about 3-4 hours of traveling, Bandit arrived at the boatyard gates. After a couple of hours, she was floating and we sailed her round to her new mooring.

Problems started from the first flick of the ignition keys. The engines would not start and it took us half an hour to get them both running. This was partially due to the fact that we were new to Bandit and didn't know how she behaves but mostly because we later found each of the 6 plugs in both engines were rusted to bits. As were many other bits but we won't get back into that now, after sorting it all.

Later that month, our beloved 1979 Fairline Mirage, Bliss went up for sale on the marina's brokerage pontoons and was quickly sold to a couple who took her to the Norfolk Broads. And so our adventures with Bandit began!
On the slings at Chichester Marina - awaiting the arrival of the transporter
Being fastened down to the lorry
My favorite photo of Bandit! Leaving Chichester Marina
Pulling onto the main road

At her new home
Jones Boatyard, Saint Ives

Bandit on her mooring alongside our previous boat, Bliss


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