Today Marks a Special Day

In late November 2015, me and Dad traveled to Plymouth to view a diesel Sealine 290 Ambassador. We left the viewing upset and drove home wondering what we would do now that our Fairline Mirage, Bliss was up for sale and we had out heart set on this Sealine only to discover this boat was not what it appeared online. We searched the internet for a couple of days and Dad stumbled upon Bandit on a selling site we had never heard of.

We contacted the owner and agreed a date to view her. She was moored in Chichester Marina and we booked the 12th December 2015 to go and view her. We took a day off and traveled down there early Monday morning. It took us a good three hours to drive there. A long way but nothing compared to there previous drive to Plymouth to view the diesel Sealine 290.

We arrived and found the pontoon. We walked down between all the beautiful sailing yachts and sports cruisers that were moored in the marina. We got to the end and there sat Bandit. First impressions were great. We loved the look of her and I instantly had a great feeling about the boat.

We had an in-depth look around her, asked all the questions and left the viewing feeling fantastic. A couple of days later, we agreed to pay her full asking price as the owner had a couple months left with the marina's mooring contract and wouldn't take any less if we weren't going to leave the boat there and pay for the remaining mooring contract.

So yes, today marks one year since we first viewed Bandit. It's been a year of ups and downs but we really look forward to the 2017 boating season now we've sorted things out and know the boat a lot better than previously.

The first photo I took of Bandit just before we left the viewing
12th December 2015


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