The Bow Thruster Project - Part 6: Fitting the Tunnel

We've been to the marina this evening to check up on Bandit. To our surprise, the hole in the hull either side had been cut, the tunnel cut, fitted and shaped and the fibreglass work already started. The area of the boat outside and the cabin stunk of fibreglass and resin so we already knew it had been done before seeing it. We cracked the windows in the cabin to allow it to air a bit.

We've paid extra to have the tunnel ends made with a 'slope' instead of cutting the tunnel in line with the hull. This helps maintain the hydrodynamics of the hull. If the tunnel was cut flat against the hull, water would pass over the hull and hit the inside of the tunnel, affecting the boat's speed, efficiency and making it slightly harder to get her on the plane. Paying this little extra to have the 'slope' formed on the hull ensures we keep the boat as hydrodynamic as possible.

It's amazing how quickly everything is happening. We're so happy that it's all going to plan. The tunnel looks great and the fibreglassing looks like it's coming along nicely too. We might even be fitting the rest of the thruster this coming weekend!!

Very happy with the progress at the moment.

Inside the front locker in the saloon

This photo shows the 'slope' formed from fibreglass to ensure the boat's hydrodynamics are not affected by the tunnel


  1. Hole cut for thruster tunnel (by Jones Boatyard)
  2. Tunnel fitting and cut to correct size and shape (by Jones Boatyard)
  3. Fibreglass work to tunnel started inside and outside (by Jones Boatyard)


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