The Bow Thruster Project - Part 5: Finally on Land

Today Bandit was hauled out of the water in the marina. I was able to see today via the marinas webcam on their website that she was on the slip way. I finished college at 1400 today so I got straight on the bus and headed to the marina to have a look and do a few bits and pieces.
On the slip way
On the slip way
A pair of rather dirty legs

I got to the boat and took a couple of photos. I then went to ask the marina if I was able to borrow their power washer to blast off any loose antifouling and algae while it was still wet. It's nearly impossible to get off when it dries out. I spent a good hour blasting the hull and found that there were rather large patches of antifouling on the waterline that had not bonded correctly to the GRP. Because of this, the power washer was blasting huge patches of antifouling off. This isn't a bad thing, however. It now means that we will be able to repaint the bits that were loose and ensure it bonds to the GRP.
Starboard side antifouling flaking off
Port side antifouling flaking off

Next I removed the propellers on the starboard drive in preparation for the work that needs doing through the insurance and by the marina mechanic. I had all the proper Duo Prop removal tools on the boat so it seemed silly to not do it. In theory, I've saved us a couple of quid and saved the mechanic time and effort so everyone wins. They came off easily which is always a good thing and the anodes look as if they'll last another little while longer. We plan to have Bandit out again during summer to see to bits and pieces that we might not have time to do while she's out this time round. Replacing the anodes and drive bellows are on the list for Bandit's Summer Lift out.
A propeller-less starboard 290DP outdrive
Our starboard drive duo-propellers

Next it was time to see to the bow thruster - the whole reason for this expensive haul out! Amazingly, the guide holes were already drilled which means that the boatyard must have been measuring up and drilling the holes for the thruster within an hour of her leaving the water. Pretty impressive. If all goes well, we might be fitting the thruster motor this weekend! They had to create a tool in order to draw the hole for the thruster. It looks as if they'd bent a metal pole in order to create a round circle when placed inside the holes either side of the transom. Smart thinking, aye?
Looking at the starboard side of the hull
Looking at the port with the thruster marking tool
Looking inside the forward locker in the saloon

We also found that the speed paddle-wheel transducer for the Stowe navigation equipment was seized up and the paddle no longer spins. No wonder we weren't getting any speed reading. Thankfully our trusty Garmin chart plotter shows us a speed taken from GPS but it's not nice to have nav equipment not working. We will see to that at some point before she goes back in.

A busy 2-3 weeks ahead of us!!



  1. Power washed hull & drives/trim tabs and removed any growth & loose antifouling
  2. Removed starboard outdrive duo-propellers in preparation for drive maintenance
  3. Bow thruster tunnel hole marked out and pilot holes drilled + drawing tool made for tunnel (by Jones Boatyard)


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