Moving Her to the Slip

This morning we moved Bandit round to the slip way in the marina and prepared her for her lift out. It's a fantastic morning but still quite chilly.

It's been quite a sad morning. We've turned the gas off, turned the fuel cocks off, isolated all the batteries, lifted up all the fenders, raised the drives and lowered the trim tabs (to replace the Eltrim ram bellows). All the cushions are stowed away in the aft cabin and the wooden locker covers have been removed to allow the boat to air. Dad's gone home today and he'll return later with the full thruster kit and the dehumidifier to ensure nothing gets too damp while we're not using her for the two weeks. We've also put the engine bay heaters on as we didn't plan to winterise the engines. Hopefully the three large tubular heaters are enough to keep the engines/pipes from freezing if we get nasty weather over the next two weeks.

We are hoping that Bandit comes out the water tomorrow. The marina website has a webcam covering every meter of the marina so I will be able to check tomorrow if she's been taken out or not. I might come down after college tomorrow to blast off the hull and antifouling in preparation for her new lick of paint.

The next time Bandit touches water, she'll have serviced drives and a new Side Power bow thruster. All very exciting but it will be a very long two weeks of hard work...

Moored on the slip way. To us, Bandit looks very strange with her fenders stowed on the side like this.


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