Last Trip of 2016?

Today might have been the last trip of the year for us and Bandit. The boat comes out the water this Monday and will be out for two weeks, or maybe more. We're coming out to have the bow thruster put in and to do have some maintenance done to the drives.

We set off quite early this morning to Sant Ives to get some breakfast and sit around for a bit to enjoy the river. Something we've not done for a few months now. We then returned to the marina and got some diesel for the Eberspacher heating. We ran out early this morning so this made for a chilly start to the day. Not pleasant.
Moored at Saint Ives Quay
Heading back to base
Heading back to base

Quite looking forward to coming out and having jobs to be doing. It also gives us time to fully inspect Bandit's hull and check for any osmosis, stress cracking or moisture in the hull. We're sure Bandit is in perfect condition so we look forward to next year's adventures on the water!


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