Land Prep

We've heard news from the marina that their slip way is available for the rest of this week and onwards so the time has come for Bandit to be slipped out the water for two weeks while we get jobs done.

We have postponed the slipping until next week so we have this weekend to use the boat and prepare everything we need in order to carry out work when she's out.

Mixed emotions currently. I'm 50/50 sad and excited. Sad to think we can't use her for a good two weeks but excited to get the bow thruster in and get work done which will hopefully set us up for another two years of cruising.

The Job List:

  1. Get marina to fit the bow thruster tunnel and us to fit the motor. We will leave wiring etc for when she's back in.
  2. Look at (and hopefully fix) leaky outdrive hydraulics port and starboard. Hopefully just the matter of replacing seals.
  3. Replace trim tab bellows and check they both function correctly.
  4. Check condition of exhaust and UJ bellows on both drives. Decide whether to have them done now or during the summer.
  5. Check magnesium anodes. Replace if necessary.
  6. Starboard oil seals need replacing.
  7. Get starboard bent duo-propellers sent off for mending.
  8. Drain and refill oil in port and starboard drives.
  9. Fit blue LED's (either underwater or under bathing platform - yet to decide).
  10. Re-anti foul (maybe take anti foul waterline down at the stern as it's quite high).
  11. Clean hull & transom and remove any exhaust/oil waterline stains.
  12. Cut back and polish hull & transom using electric polisher.
  13. Replace any bits that need replacing (e.g, shell vents where the wiring for trim tabs enter the transom).


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