Bandit's Big Refit - Part 6: New Drawer Fronts

Today while I was at work, Dad set about fitting the four drawer fronts to the saloon area in Bandit. We had spent yesterday playing with our new router rool and cutting out the drawer fronts to fit the new chrome handles.

I'm not too sure how long it took to fit the drawer fronts but they look good in our eyes and fit a lot better than the last oak drawer fronts. The problem with the previous ones were that parts of the wood was made from real oak and therefore would expand and contract. Sometimes the drawer would open fine and sometimes it would jam solid. We won't be having this problem with this new wood which is fantastic.

We aren't sold on the oak frame to the drawer so we might concider rethinking the design slightly when we fit some new carpet (which is on the list for Bandit's big refit) so it looks a bit better. It will do perfectly for now, however.


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