Bandit's Big Refit - Part 5: The First Door Fitted

It's been a cold Saturday here aboard Bandit so we decided to take one of the new doors we've had made for Bandit and fit it. The idea was to have trial run to see how things went and to experiment with it a bit. Overall, it turned out great, apart from a new bits which aren't noticeable.

We got up early this morning and set off to B&Q where we picked up a new router tool to carve out the wood for the cupboard door chrome pull handles. This is why we counted this as a 'trial run' as we've never used a router before and needed some time get used to it. Thankfully all went well and the pull handle was in, the hinges were on and the door was fitted. Lastly was to fit the new chrome cupboard latches to keep the door firmly closed while underway.

All went well and we've very excited to see this new white wood in Bandit. It looks a lot fresher and the chrome details add a modern touch to the boat. Now to fit the rest of the doors and re-finish the bulkheads in this white wood. Then we move onto refitting the galley. A project we're quite looking forward to!


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