A Small But Useful Change

Not too long ago I fitted a double 12v socket unit in the midships cabin in Bandit so I can charge my phone in there and also plug in the 12v Hoover when needed.

After fitting the 150W inverter, I gathered that I needed a way of checking the state of the battery if I was using the inverter in the midships cabin to ensure I didn't completely drain our battery without knowing. We have about six spare volt meters (no idea why we have so many) so I decided to remove one of the two 12v sockets from this unit and replace it with a volt meter. This is linked to the same battery powering the inverter so now anyone can keep an eye on how much juice the battery has left. Now obviously a volt meter isn't an ideal way of checking but it does give you a pretty good idea. The meter reads 13.9 volts in this picture because we were moored in the marina and connected to shore support so the battery chargers were on.

Due to the loss of the second 12v socket, I've ordered a good double USB charger from eBay which plugs into the socket. This way I can charge my phone and my Apple Watch at once throughout the night. This way it can be unplugged if we ever needed a normal 12v socket for whatever reason.


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