The Bow Thruster Project - Part 4: Further Plans

Time is ticking away and we're near to having Bandit out on land for some work done. We've decided finally that we will have Bandit out on the slip way on a trailer for a month in our marina instead of having her out the water on chocks for a couple of months. Due to damaged caused on our last trip away to Ely, we have had a little rethink regarding the thruster. Of corse it will all still go in this year but we've decided that we will get the marina to drill the hole, fit the tunnel and we will do the rest (fit the motor, wiring etc). We simply won't have enough time to do all of the work that needs doing if we did the thruster ourselves. It's a shame as we were really looking forward to the project of fitting the thruster ourselves but we simply don't have the time. Never mind, best leave it to the professionals anyway, I suppose.

To add to our already-long list, we now have to blast off and rub back all the old antifouling as it'll peeling off. We recon it's a sea-water based antifouling and therefore not working as it should on the fresh-water river. We also need to refurbish the outdrive trim rams as they are leaking and it's getting worse. The hull needs rubbing back with t-cut and polishing. The antifouling line at the stern of the boat is very high so we need to take that down a bit, too. We also need to fix the damage caused on our last holiday. We had 1 1/2 yard ensign flag wrap itself round the starboard duo-propellers at 4500rpm and it's completely destroyed the drive oil seal as well as bending one of the propeller blades. Luckily it's an insurance job but it still needs fixing and the props need to be sent off for re-straightening.

No matter, we'll just have to crack on with work asap and hope we get it completed in time. We can have her out for a month max due to the availability of the yard's slipway. We'll get her out for a couple of weeks in the summer to have the bellows done, providing they look decent when she comes out shortly. We will replace them now if they look like they need doing desperately. We also need to let the hull dry, search for any signs of osmosis and test the transom for moisture. We are 98% sure Bandit is in a good state but we need to clarify for piece of mind.


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