Midships Cabin New LED Lights

Not too long ago we purchased a pack of ten 12v LED deck lights for Bandit. We only used two of them on the bathing platform on the exterior of the boat and the rest have been in their box, kept in one of the storage lockers under the saloon cushions. I came to the boat after college today and decided to fit a pair in the midships cabin. I wanted some in there anyway but never knew quite what or where. I gathered I'd just throw myself into it and get on with it. Cutting / drilling holes in the boat is never a nice thing but I do feel confident when doing it after ensuring it will all actually fit and work as I imagine in my head. I am very happy with 12v wiring and connecting it all up. I would say it's probably the biggest skill I've learnt since purchasing Bandit.

I ended up putting two between the two berths and connected them to a separate rocker switch. Overall, it looks great in my opinion and was all fitted well. All the wiring is pinned to the bulkheads using p-clip cable fasteners and tidied with cable ties. The lights are not too bright nor too dim which is perfect. They give a nice blue glow which adds to the boat's character. We seem to have blue lighting everywhere else so it's nice to have some in this aft cabin too.

Total cost: £6 - one of the cheaper tasks I've completed
  • 12v LED deck lights - prepaid
  • X4 meters of dual-core cabling - £4
  • Cable connections, p-clips - £2

Time spent: 4 hours total - far longer than I had planned
  • 1 hours spend assembling / disassembling necessary panels for wiring + new screw caps and screws
  • 1 hour spent cutting holes + waiting for drill to charge between cutting holes (note to self: always keep drill charged!)
  • 1 hour measuring, fitting lights, switch and wiring up
  • 1 hour cleaning up tools and putting everything away

Tools and mess everywhere!! Who knew how much clutter we collect in these storage bins.
Small black rocker switch + blue indicator LED
Job done!
Job done!


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