Keeping Bandit Warm Over Winter


When we purchased the boat, we were discover to find that the previous owner had installed two, 1m long, thermostatically controlled tubular heaters in the engine bay, either side of the engines. Since getting Bandit, we've re-wired the 240V system and they can now be turned on via an easily accessible switch instead of having to plug and unplug them in the engine bay.

The problem is without engine set up is that the starboard engine has a heat exchanger and therefore can be protected with anti-freeze. The port engine is raw water cooled (directly from the river) and cannot have anti-freeze added to its water system. This is why it's so incredibly important to ensure engine bay heaters are fitted and turned on when the weather gets cold. Spending £100 on a set of engine bay heaters can save you thousands. It's an expensive thing to put right if the engine water freezes and pipes burst etc.

Anyway, we're expecting a -7ÂșC temperature tonight and so I came straight to the boat from college to fit a third heater in the engine bay. Better safe than sorry... This new one was purchased from the marina's chandlery and is far larger in width than the other two but is not thermostatically controlled. This means it'll always be on when the switch is on. Not ideal but at least the Bandit is protected from the cold weather.

A total spend of £20 for this new heater and a total fitting time of about ten minutes.

One of the two current thermostatically controlled tube heaters
Our new tube heater keeping Bandit nice and toasty


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