Bandit's Big Refit - Part 3: Choosing Colours and Materials

Our previouis boat, Bliss, was a 1979 Fairline Mirage 29 that went through a huge refurbishment in early 2009. The previous owner (before us) strippled the whole boat out and refitted it. The total cost must have been in the thousands, hence the £30k price tag for a 1979 boat with twin petrol engines - quite remarkable! We purchased the boat about a year after the refurbishment was done. The attention to detail and the way it was all thought through was just spectacular. When we first saw Bliss, we instantly fell in love with her and put in an offer. That's just how blown away we were with the boat. The aim is to do something similar to Bandit.
An ordinary 1979 Fairline Mirage
Our 1979 Fairline Mirage, Bliss

After parting with our beloved, one of a kind Mirage and purchasing Bandit, we saw an opotunity to do something similar ourselves. The idea was to modernise an older style boat. We had our heart set on the 290 for many reasons including space and style. We did, however, feel as if we could do something to the interior to bring her into the modern world. We've already began by refurbishing odds and ends and replacing the fridge. And so this project continues...

Recently, we've been experimenting with what woods and colours we might want to use in Bandit. We needed to take things such as the wood, worktops, carpets, blinds etc into concideration and eventually, it looks like we've made a decision. We took some inspiration from the 310 Amabssador with the use of white wood. We felt as if this would brighten up the boat and white goes with anything. This means we could use some darker colours for the carpet and upholstery (when we get round to replacing those things, that is). Anyway, we've ordered one smaller cabinet door and will fit it this coming weekend. We want to see how well it blends with the oak wood parts that are structual to the boat and therefore will have to stay as they are. The doors will be replaced all together and the bulkheads will be relayed like how Bliss had been done. We've also had a good look online and decided we will be using door accessories such as handles, knobs etc. from a superb company called Timage. All the big yacht companies such as Sunseeker, Fairline and Sealine use this company so it's got to be good quality stuff, right? The plan is to strip out all the brass acessories (hinges, door handles etc) and replace it all with chrome or polished stainless hardware.
Our white wood cabinet door


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