Bandit's Big Refit - Part 2: New Waeco CRX50 Fridge

Bandit's had the same electric fridge/freezer since she was built in 1991. Amazingly, after 25 years, both the fridge and freezer worked really well but the problem is that it drained the batteries so extremely quickly where it's such an old, beefy fridge. We decided that enough was enough and we've been out and purchased a new Waeco CRX50, 49ltr electric fridge from our home marina, Jones Boatyard. We had looked at many different fridges but the Waeco just seemed to always come back to being number 1. The CRX models by Waeco are brand new for late 2016. They're incredibly energy efficient, 100% silent and will stay cold for a lot longer. We had a similar fridge made by Waeco on our previous boat and it was fantastic. Sadly, due to space, we've had to opt for the smallest fridge which is a shame but it'll have to do. Can't have everything, I guess.
New fridge sat in the cockpit!

500 quid later and it was time to get this new fridge in. In order to do so, we've had to relocate the fridge. The fridge used to be right up close to the main cabin door but we've had to move it due to the structure of the boat. The new CRX50 is slightly longer and wouldn't push far enough back into the gap where the old fridge had been. So, we've moved it to the cabinet underneath the sink in the galley. Dad had to do some cutting using an electric saw so the fridge would fit but it now fits perfectly. We rerouted the fridge wiring and then fitted the new Waeco. Amazingly, it went in and started up straight away, quietly humming away in the background. We were so shocked just how quiet this fridge was compared to our last one which sounded like a lorry engine running. Dad then built a new cupboard where the previous fridge had been and our pots, pans and plates no live in there. We moved the door and screwed it back on. We're very happy with the fridge and its new location but there is a couple of bits we need to see to. If anything the fridge is in a far better place and the two cupboard doors don't look too bad. We'll look into the cupboard more when we finally move onto refurbishing the rest of the galley. We'll finish the interior of the cupoard better instead of using plain MDF and will add some LED strip lighting inside that come on when you open the door.
Where the old fridge had been - soon to be our new cupboard
From old to new
From old to new
The new CRX fridge smart control panel
New fridge in and working!!
Filling the fridge with goodies
Begining to create the cupboard
Cupboard finishes, now for the door
Cabinet door on - job done!

We did realise that our main domestic battery might actually be coming to the end of its working life so it looks like it's time to invest in a new 110amp/hr domestic battery, too. Never mind, at least we've got a good efficient fridge to run which will, in turn, add value to the boat too.


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