End of the Boating Season

We came down to the boat last night to find that things had been moved around. The annual crane-out for the boats in the marina happens this coming Tuesday and the boatyard have started preparing the boats. The fifty boats that are coming out this year have been grouped together and the ones that aren't have been moved away onto other moorings. We asked them to leave Bandit where she was and we'd move her today.

We woke up this morning to a beautiful blue sky but slippy frost on the pontoon. I had a couple of slips but managed to not fall in which is always a good thing. Seeing all the boats in different places indicates, for us, the end of the boating season. Thankfully, Bandit will not be coming out for the couple of months this year which is nice. She'll be coming out for a couple of weeks / one month to have work done later next month with any luck but that doesn't matter. I'm quite looking forward to it if anything.
Surrounded by new faces

After leaving time to wake up and warm up, we set off for Saint Ives to get some breakfast. We had a nice fry up in a local cafe and then made our way back to the marina to fuel up with diesel for the Eberspacher diesel heating. A total of 17.4 litres of red diesel at 75 pence per litre worked out at just over 13 quid. Not bad for a months worth of heating.
Heading up to town. What a fantastic morning!
Greeted by a swan stood on the quay at St Ives

We then pottered around the marina looking for a mooring. We found a nice private mooring on the grass bank in the centre of the marina. It's a very different mooring compared to out floating one but nice nonetheless. If anything, I prefer it over this side. When the boats are craned out again, we will reclaim our mooring round the other side.
Our new mooring for a couple of days
Settling in nicely

All lit up

The boats are lifted out on Tuesday so I hope to watch it after college it I can get here in time!


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