Bandit's Big Refit - Part 4: Arrival of New Bits

Recently, we've had a couple of deliveries. We're getting closer and closer to having everything ready for the refurbishment of Bandit's cabin. Not only is this project a refurb for the galley but also the rest of the cabin.

So, what's new?

We've purchased and had delivered seven new chrome plated cupboard latches for the new cupboard doors. They're exactly the same as the brass ones just in chrome which looks nicer in general but will go better with the white wood.

We've also purchased and had delivered all the new doors in this white wood. This includes three large doors (two in the cabin and the one ensuite), two cupboard doors for the galley, one cupboard door in the saloon, four drawer fronts for the saloon, one wardrobe door in the guest cabin, a cupboard door above that and another cupboard door for the guest cabin too. The details for the wood we've chosen are: H3078 ST22 Hacienda White Wood.
H3078 ST22 Hacienda White Wood
The next thing we've had delivered are three new chrome plated door latches from Timage. We had a problem finding these as the latching mechanism on the current doors in the Sealine 290 Ambassador is surface mounted and not inside the door itself. These ones from Timage were 30 quid each but we didn't really have any other choice. But no matter, they look nice and will work perfectly. Just to find some nice door handles now...

We have ordered 18 new chrome plated door hinges, identical in size to the current brass ones, but they have not yet arrived at home. These alone were an eye-watering price so best not to say. We really aimed for chrome door furniture to really give it a nice modern feel. We hope these hinges arrive shortly and we can begin getting the doors on.

Lastly, we need to order the white wood on a roll to cover the rest of the oak bulkheads. We've spoken to many people and the marina (who were originally boat builders) and everyone seems to recommend an adhesive from 3M. We will do some further research to ensure we use the best possible adhesive.


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