Things Are Improving!

This month marks quite an important moment since our purchase of Bandit. I'm so incredibly happy to inform you, the reader, we've finally cracked our engine problems! After throwing wads of cash at the engine and replacing every single part, she's finally decided to behave herself. The last thing we had to do was replace two plugs and two leads and she's now performing perfectly.

Today, I've done some final adjustments to the carburettor. It seems that nowhere on the internet is there a definite answer to this simple question: "do you turn the idle mixture adjustment screws clockwise or anticlockwise to lean the petrol burn on a Rochester Quadrajet Carburettor?". After experimenting with the screws for a couple of hours, I've decided that turning the idle adjustment screws clockwise leans the petrol burn.

I also changed the way the fenders are placed on Bandit today. We used to have four large fenders per side on ropes attached to the pulpit so we could adjust them depending on where we moored. The problem is that the rear fender would never protect the stern of the boat where the bathing platform is.  I'd forever be bumping it against lock walls and moorings where the boat is too wide for the river, in reality. To solve this, I purchased two skinny 2.5"x20" canal boat fenders and attached them to the stern of the boat. Hopefully, this means that the fender should roll backwards as we squeeze in and out of locks, preventing any damage to the bumper on the bathing platform. Fingers crossed.
New skinny fender, yet to see if my idea works :)

Lastly, I got in touch with people from Denver Cruising Club. They've all got beautiful Sunseekers that they moor closer to Kings Lynn where they venture out to The Wash most weekends. I've always wanted to take Bandit (and our previous boat) to the ocean to have some fun but was never lucky enough to actually do it. We've got the perfect boat for it now, however. 410 combined horsepower engines which we know are now reliable and a very capable boat. Heck, let's do it! We'll head out with them next year when the weather improves and when we've got out thruster in after winter. Our friends with their diesel 290A, Josie, also want to tag along so it should be a great adventure. It's all very exciting and I'm glad we're able to tag along with people who know what they're doing. We don't know the tides nor how to navigate the tricky 3-4 hour run from Denver Sluice to The Wash so we'll just follow the others and hope for the best. I really don't see anything horrific happening and I have faith in Bandit. We've got our DSC VHF radio, chart plotters and my iPad with the Navionics App so we're well kitted out. Fingers crossed for some good luck next year and we'll finally have the adventure we've been anticipating for years!

Also, some nice photos were taken around the marina over the last week. We've had some beautiful evenings on Bandit this week. Maybe winter isn't all that bad, aye?
Sunset over Jones Boatyard's new marina
Monday 17thOctober 2016
Sunset in the marina
Monday 17th October 2016
Sunset in the marina
Monday 17th October 2016


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