Out and About - Some Photos

As well as this blog being an interesting read for you as the viewer, it's also a way for us to keep an online diary of things that's happened and things we've done to Bandit. I thought I'd add some nice photos from over the last seven days for you to enjoy but for us to look back on too. A little reminder that although we're bogged down in the engine bay 9/10 times tinkering, we do have some truly brilliant days on Bandit.

Moored in the marina
Jones Boatyard, Saint Ives
Following Josie up the river
Moored up for the night at Nobles Field, a GOBA (Great Ouse Boating Association) mooring
Mooring up for the night at Nobles Field
Shallow water at the side closest to the bank
Panorama of the other boats joining us for the evening
A fantastic sunset - Saturday evening
A lovely walk into Saint Ives town from the mooring
St Ives Church


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