Shorter Days + Colder Nights

The days are now getting noticeably shorter. What used to be a 9:30 sunset is now 17:52 (to be exact). The boating season is coming to and end for most but we will continue to use Bandit each weekend throughout the winter. She will be coming out in about four weeks time so we can fit the thruster, re-antifoul the hull, buff her up and check the condition of the drives (which we've not yet done since the purchase). Quite looking forward to it, if I'm honest... Apart from drilling huge holes in either side of the hull for the bow thruster.

In March of this year, we fitted our 2002 model Eberspacher D2 unit which came with the boat. It worked perfectly for the short time we had to use it and we've begun using it again now the evenings and nights are getting quite chilly. It still runs perfectly and provides a lovely heat which is fab. We really did expect to have to service it for this winter but it looks as if it will continue to do us well again this year. Not long now before the engine bay heaters are fired up and left on for the winter, either. Dad reckons we're in for a cold winter which won't be very nice but oh well, we've a comfy boat, heating and a fully equipped galley to get us through it. The only slight downside to the layout of Bandit )and only a very small downside) is that the living space is split 50/50. 50% in the cockpit (which we won't use over winter due to the chill) and 50% down below which is far less than our previous boat, Bliss. It seemed far more snugg last year after transitioning from Bliss to Bandit but I'm sure we'll enjoy it never the less.

Bandit on her mooring at Jones Boatyard


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