Problem Solvers (??)

Today we might have solved some problems regarding Bandit's problematic starboard engine.

Firstly, we've been trying to solve problems with this engine since January. It's currently nearing the end of October so that's nine and a half months. We've been through lots of new parts, rebuild kits and money. We've thrown thousands at this engine to get it running as it should but every time we replaced something that we suspected was causing us some problems, nothing positive seemed to happen as a result.

Recently, we've had the distributor sent off and refurbished. Like everything else, the company said it was in bad shape and renewed everything. After bolting it back to the engine, absolutely nothing happened as a result. 200 quid down the drain, it seemed. We've also replaced the mechanical petrol pump which was clearly original. We had problems with one on the other engine so we gathered that this one might be causing us some problems too. £200 and a new petrol pump later and nothing positive as an outcome. The engine was still lumpy, would not rev beyond 1500rmp and it absolutely stunk of petrol through the outdrive exhaust.

Today, we took each of the six plugs off in turn with the engine running to see how the loss of a plug affected the engine. Every lead apart from two made a huge effect on the engine. However, number 3 and number 5 plug/lead made no difference to the engine. So, time to go back to basics... We replaced both the plugs for new ones (even though these plugs were only a couple of months old) and then replaced the leads for a new one (luckily we have 4 spare due to purchasing the V8 HT Lead pack instead of the V6). Strangely, this had a huge effect on the engine! The engine now responds like the port one and no longer vibrates. There is still a strong smell of petrol coming from the exhaust but Dad reassures me it's down to tuning of the carburettor.

Happy days! We hope to get to Ely in late-October to give her some throttle and get her on the plane. Please, God let this positivity continue!!

Taking our first run with two good engines! Fingers crossed...


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